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There's nothing like having your teeth cleaned by an experienced dental hygienist. At Main Street Dental, we promise to provide professional, knowledgeable care. To maintain our level of expertise, our hygienists are well-trained, skilled technicians. Please feel free to discuss your dental questions or concerns with any of the hygienists on our staff.

Gwen Rowland


Dental Assistant

Gwen Rowland is a Dental Assistant at Main Street Dental. Gwen has been working with the amazing team at Main Street Dental since graduating from Dental Careers Institute in May 2014.

Prior to training as a dental assistant, Gwen worked as a pipe organ builder with a local craftsman in Gorham, Maine. This provided Gwen with opportunities to travel the world and experience different cultures and customs. “I am so grateful not only to be following my passion in the dental field, but to be working with such a close-knit and compassionate group here at Main Street Dental.” Gwen especially loves getting to know her patients and forming caring relationships while also creating beautiful, healthy smiles.



Dental Hygienist

Sarena was only 13 years old when she knew she wanted to be involved in the dental field. After graduating from UNE in 2007, Main Street Dental gave Sarena her first opportunity to practice dental hygiene. “It was a great 2 years working for Dr. Cloutier, but I took a chance and moved out of state for the first time. It was terribly difficult to leave this job behind. I had learned very much from my supporting mentors and peers”

After leaving, Sarena expanded her education by receiving her license to administer local anesthetics. She continued her career as a dental hygienist in other offices. However, in 2014 she made her way back to Portland and was offered her position back here at Main Street Dental. Sarena knows that the best part about our office is the team. Everyone is well experienced and educated in his or her role. The Main Street Dental team is willing to go the extra mile to make patients feel happy and comfortable.

Sue Prunty


Office Manager

Sue Prunty enjoys working with Dr. Cloutier and a phenomenal team of professionals who are dedicated in providing both education and exceptional service and care to their patients since Dr. Cloutier opened the practice in 2005 in Westbrook, Maine.

Sue shares, “Although there will always be innovative advancements in both dentistry and technology, the one constant that remains the same is our purpose and reason for doing what we do best-our patients. Meeting their unique needs and expectations with sincerity, integrity, and professionalism is what we strive for each day”

One of Sue’s favorite reasons for working at Main Street Dental is that Dr. Cloutier understands that each patient has their own philosophy about their dental care and that their concerns and priorities are as unique as they are and is respectful of that. Sue loves that every day is different and their office is clean and modern. Sue feels fortunate that she has the opportunity to meet and interact with many different people each day

Sue currently resides in Casco, Maine and enjoys the quiet solitude of living in the country when she is not working.



Dental Hygienist

Renee has been practicing dental hygiene for seventeen years, ten of which she has spent at Main Street Dental in Westbrook, Maine. “It has been an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Cloutier and the team here. I truly enjoy coming to work each day.”

Renee grew up in central Maine, studied in Tallahassee and returned to Maine after college. Renee currently resides in Gorham, Maine with her husband and two teenage children.
Her experience in the dental profession has taught her that people want to be heard and understood. “I am most proud knowing we listen with empathy and help guide our patients through choices and options best suited for their individual needs.”

Megan Devlin


Dental Hygienist

Megan Devlin studied Dental Hygiene at the University of New England and graduated in May of 2018. Although new to the profession, Megan has wanted to work in the dental field since 7th grade. Prior to UNE she received a BS in Human Biology from USM. Megan loves working at Main Street Dental and she loves getting to know all the wonderful and kind patients. “I am excited and happy to work at Main Street Dental. The patients have been absolutely wonderful. And I feel fortunate that there are so many knowledgeable professionals around me who are taking the time to mentor me. Each person in this office is thoughtful, sympathetic, skilled, and energetic.”

Dr. Paul Cloutier

Dr. Cloutier


Not much happens in Abbot, Maine. At least not when Dr. Paul Cloutier was growing up there in the 1970s and 1980s. “It was the kind of place where you know everybody and everybody knows your business. It’s a place of simple lessons—accountability, honesty, hard work, boredom.” Dr. Cloutier grew up in a large working-class family, lots of meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Some Dr. Cloutier’s earliest life experiences convinced him that he should pay attention in school. He attended schools in Guilford, Maine where he earned good grades, was active in sports and was a known to be teacher’s favorite.

Dr. Cloutier graduated from Boston College in 1990 with a BS in economics. After graduating, he learned that an individual really needs a PHD in economics to earn a good job in that field. Unqualified for most careers, he secured a job where qualifications aren’t very important—politics. He moved to Washington DC and worked for Senator George Mitchell. Although Dr. Cloutier enjoyed politics and his time in Washington, he ruled it out as a career. He knew that he wanted to return to Maine and work with his hands. It was shortly after that he enrolled in Dental school.

Dr. Cloutier earned his dental degree from the University of Maryland in 2003. Shortly thereafter he and his family packed the car and moved back to Maine.

In 2005, Dr. Cloutier bought his first dental practice. The building had been Deering Ice Cream for many years prior. Incidentally, all that ice cream turned out to be good for the dental business.

Dr. Cloutier likes to focus his time on restoring and maintaining optimal dental function. This means different things for different patients. He devotes most of his professional life trying to figure out what an individual patient believes to be his or her optimal function is, honoring it, and earning their trust. Although Dr. Cloutier can not promise perfect outcomes, he does guarantee that he is constantly striving for perfection.

Dr. Cloutier loves what he has built at Main Street Dental because he has surrounded himself with a remarkable group of employees. He receives amount tremendous satisfaction knowing that my employees and I are helping people achieve their optimal dental health.

Dr. Cloutier and his wife Kathy reside Cumberland, Maine with their two children. When Dr. Cloutier’s is not working or spending time with his family he can be found golfing, dabbling in woodworking, or spending sometime in the remote areas of northern Maine where he enjoys fly fishing, canoeing and the absence of cell phone coverage.